Our preschool

Kangaroo Inn Preschool

Kangaroo Inn Preschool is a valuable part of the Kangaroo Inn community and has been operating since the 1980’s.

We operate programs as follows -

  • Preschool – Monday, Tuesdays and odd week Wednesdays – Session times are 8:30 – 3.30pm. Students enrolled in the preschool program are able to use the school bus service.
  • Supported Play Transition Program – Mondays in the Preschool ( ½ day for children for the terms after they turn 3 years old until 2 terms prior to being eligible for preschool when they can complete full days)

Associated Programs

  • Learning Together Playgroup – odd week Wednesdays  – 9.00 to 10.30am
  • CCOWS full day childcare – Thursdays in the Preschool

There is a 0.6 Early Years teacher allocated to the preschool and SSO/ECW support as required or funded.

The Preschool is strongly supported by the school and involved in all school planning and activities. The Kangaroo Inn Preschool Quality Improvement Plan sits alongside and complements the KIAS Site Improvement Plan and promotes continuity of learning and pedagogy across the Preschool to Year 12 site.

Continuity of learning and pedagogy is important and the Preschool teacher collaborates regularly with the Early Years Teacher and the Principal to ensure that student learning is valued and transitions are authentic and supportive of individual student needs eg Reception / Year 1 and Preschool students sharing practice around Bookmaking in the Reception / Year 1 room and preschool student attending school celebrations like the Assemblies and sharing their learning, Preschool families are also represented on Governing Council.

Connections to the local community is also important and Preschool staff and students have worked with other local preschools to extend student connections and with other educators to improve educator knowledge and practice.